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A Historical (and Modern) View of the "End of Days" (or "Last Days") for fun and Prophet
 it was the end of times,
it was the beginning of times...
 These notes are from interpretations which have been given over the ages. Any may be deemed accurate in full or part, depending on the eyes of human experience which see them. Read it over, and see for yourself. Of course, a view from modern times may look different from, for instance, a European peasant's view while facing the invasion times of Attila the Hun in the year 425.
 People since the times of Daniel, the last 2500 years or so, have taken comfort from these writings and applied them to their situation at present. These prophetic writings have encouraged persons/peoples of faith to hang on through very difficult times. Since there are No Dates in the written Word concerning End Times, these prophetic books give man Hope that Love, Faith, and Justice will prevail. How well these books have served their purpose throughout the ages!
 This site is intended for fun as well as knowledge. A prophecy is known to be true when ALL elements of it come true. (Also known as: "It ain't over 'till it's over".)
 The basic story of the End of Days is usually taken from Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the books of the minor prophets. The New Testament accounts are mostly in Revelation, with a sprinkling of material in the Gospels, and in the writings of Peter and Paul. The basic story is not complicated. Sinister unfriendly world forces come to power causing great grief, and harm to believers. Man-made and natural catastrophes cause more major problems (war, earthquakes, etc.). At the end of the story is a new beginning: God wins and cooperatively with man recycles, and/or makes a new earth.
 The references herein (scriptural or otherwise) are taken from what is called the Judeo-Christian tradition. NO doctrines are discussed. There are other books & traditions with linking information that we will not delve into. This site's focus is on the Old Testament - or Tenach, the New Testament, and our human understanding (however faulty) of that. Information is given in brief, outline form only
 Not all aspects are covered - end times studies are too extensive to do so.
 You may find your own opinions here among the well as the opinions of your forefathers in their times. Your comments & imput are welcome on the guest page, and may possibly be added to this data. Thanks for your interest.

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